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Automate video interviews to recruit faster and create a better virtual hiring experience

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Virtual Interviews Done From Any Device, 24/7 🖥️

  • No need to be in the same room or time zone, with on-demand interviewing you and your candidates can ask and answer questions whenever and wherever its most convenient for faster recruiting
  • Add on-demand video interviewing as a part of your candidate screening or replace in-person interviews entirely, whatever fits your recruiting goals best

Video Interviewing Software


On-Demand Video Interviewing Software


Videos Get Synced to Candidate Profiles In Your ATS  🙌

  • Integrate your ATS and CRM so that the candidate's video responses get pushed directly to their profile and are immediately available for your review
  • No need to schedule multiple interviews over the course of weeks, you will be able to compare all of your video responses in just a few hours

Add in Screening Questions to Capture Answers Faster  🕜

  • Ask your basic qualification questions conversationally before the video portion to make the application, screening and interviewing faster
  • You can prescreen people before they start their video interview to ensure that only qualified candidates are spending their time recording answers

On-Demand Video Interviewing Software


On-Demand Video Interviewing Software


Record Your Own Videos to Share Your Employer Brand 😻

  • Add welcome videos that introduce your company, give an overview of the job, and help candidates prepare for their video interview questions
  • Record new video questions and delete old ones in minutes to ensure your application experience is up to date and provides a delightful candidate experience

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