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Let people text-to-apply, scan QR codes, and communicate over live chat to get more applicants

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Get More Applicants With Text-to-Apply 💬 

  • Let people text-in and apply to your job openings conversationally with photos, video, links and more
  • Our AI can collect their information over text message and then create a profile in your ATS or update an existing candidates profile

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QR Code Apply Recruitment


QR Codes Direct Talent to Apply for Your Jobs 📱

  • People can use their mobile device to scan your custom QR code, which then directs them to your careers site
  • The QR code can also link to a chat so that people can apply and get prescreened conversationally by interacting with our AI

Connect Your Careers Site, Job Boards and Ad Platforms 💪

  • Getting too many unqualified applicants from job boards like ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder and Indeed, advertising platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and even your own careers site? 
  • Let our AI automate candidate prescreening and interview scheduling so you only spend time speaking with qualified applicants

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Text to Apply Recruitment


Make It Easy to Apply From Anywhere, 24/7📍

  • Use your text-to-apply or QR codes on storefronts, billboard, social media, radio ads, hiring events, and anywhere else potential employees might be
  • By creating a streamlined experience of applying, prescreening, and interview scheduling you can increase your talent pipeline and delight your candidates with a great experience

Track Your Conversations & Performance 📈

  • Our AI can answer applicant questions, screen candidates, and schedule interviews, but you can always track its progress and jump to reply at any time from the Recruiting Inbox
  • You can also view reporting on conversion rates and which questions are causing candidates to drop off

Text to Apply Recruitment



Let's achieve your hiring goals.

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