Smart Candidate Scoring

Smart Candidate Scoring

Our intelligent algorithm assesses and scores candidates to ensure they are a perfect match for your job

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Stop Wasting Time With Unqualified Talents

Our smart AI Recruiter platform screens candidates to ensure they are the best for your particular job so that you can spend more time on top talent and expedite hires.

Fill Your Hiring Pipeline With Qualified Applicants

Select essential requirements for candidates, and XOR will prescreen them, assign scores and automatically schedule them for a first interview.

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Video Interviewing candidate screening platform
Video Interviewing candidate screening platform

Interview and Hire only the Best Candidates

Your recruiter starts getting the first interviews in their calendar just 2 - 3 days after launch. According to our stats, it takes around 5 interviews to hire 1 good candidate depending on the required skill set.


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Video Interviewing Schedule
Video Interviewing Schedule

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"It's very easy to use and I love the fact that everything has been customized to fit our website and look like it is genuinely coming from us. Everything is automated which saves a huge amount of time."


Jenni Raath
Marketing & Technical Manager

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