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Enable live chat conversations with candidates on your careers site to increase conversions

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Embed Live Chat On Any Website In Minutes 💁

  • Automate responses to your career site visitors 24/7, while capturing prospect data, answering FAQ's, and directing visitors to job openings
  • Enable visiting prospects to search for job openings conversationally or register for a Virtual Career Fair to increase conversions

recruiter chat widget


recruiting ai and chatbot


Manage Automated Conversations 🤖

  • View your chatbot's conversations with candidates in real-time to ensure you are driving conversions
  • Take over the conversation from the chatbot and reply to candidates directly at any time
  • Report on your widget's performance including the number of conversations, qualified candidates, and interviews scheduled

Measure Your Hiring Experience 👍

  • Automate surveys at the end of your conversations to learn what kind of experience your visiting prospects are having
  • Customize questions to drill down and find out how your chatbot can be improved to make the hiring process simpler

recruiter live chat


recruiter chat


Convert Prospects to Qualified Candidates in Seconds ⚡

  • After capturing your visiting prospect's information and helping them identify the right role, advance them to prescreening and interview scheduling
  • Retarget prospects that don't finish applying with text messages to further boost your conversions

Let's achieve your hiring goals.

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