Turbocharge Your Recruiting

XOR Uses a Customizable Chatbot and AI to Engage, Screen and Hire Candidates to save a Third of the Time.

XOR offers real-time chat, pre-screening assistance, FAQ answering, application assistance, interview scheduling, candidate status updates and predicted employee lifetime value.

The largest scale implementation of chatbots for candidates in the world, XOR streamlines your entire talent acquisition cycle.

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Benefits of XOR

  • Decrease time to fill by 33%
  • Lower cost per hire by 50%
  • Receive 85% more applications with the same hiring budget
  • Full change management support, based on XORs experience with over 1,000,000 candidates interviewed
  • Available in 100+ languages
  • Integrated with your calendar
  • Integrated with 30+ job boards
  • Multiple ATS integrations
  • Equipped with predictive analytics
  • Boasts a 99.3% candidate satisfaction rate
XOR Chatbot in Action
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