Discover how IKEA Streamlined Their Hiring Process with XOR

IKEA moved away from a paper application process, for their stores in Eastern Europe, with application kiosks only to discover that the new process was too involved and candidates were quitting the process before finishing. 

After their large investment in the kiosks, IKEA realized they needed to find a solution to naturally walk candidates through the hiring process and understand which jobs candidates were qualified for, to eliminate additional questions candidates didn’t need.

IKEA uses XOR's solution to revamp their recruitment process and

  • Saw an increase in candidate applications immediately!
  • Witnessed a decline in candidate drop-offs.
  • Maximized their spend in the kiosks across all of Eastern Europe!

XOR’s chatbot walks candidates through the application process and initiate a conversation to eliminate the additional questions required for some positions, but every open IKEA position.

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About IKEA

IIKEA stores offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products that have been designed and produced through research and development, tight quality control and with long term sustainability in mind. IKEA products are simple in design with many smart multi-functions and hidden customer benefits. The IKEA furniture products are flat packed, to enable the “do-it-yourself” concept, thus making it possible to lower prices on designer products. IKEA currently has 385 stores with over 150,000 workers in 48 different countries with total sales being over 30 billion Euros.

The Problem

IKEA in Eastern Europe experienced a decline of applications after they moved from a paper application to electronic job kiosks. The job kiosks hosted the application electronically and required users to create accounts before they were able to begin applying for an open position. Navigating the application was a lengthy, tedious process that increased their candidate drop off rates. Moving to electronic job kiosks was done to solve issues with the paper application process, but it only created a new problem. IKEA knew that there had to be a way to help users fill out the application in an easy, conversational format that increased application submissions.

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XOR's Solution

The solution to IKEA’s issues was simple - chatbots. XOR installed chatbots directly into the job kiosks, only enhancing the original solution that IKEA had come up with. A special version of the application was created in chat format, so that the application process was easy and more interactive.

XOR's Solution Continued

Thanks to XOR, the chatbot can immediately see which qualifications are required for each job position, and shows candidates open positions that they are qualified for. Now, the hiring process is streamlined allowing HR to gather candidate information from the kiosks to select the perfect candidates for their open positions. For IKEA, this was paramount.

IKEA results

IKEA's Results

Results from implementing chatbots into the IKEA job kiosks were tremendous. When using paper applications, IKEA received 300 responses per month. Measured at only halfway through the month, the XOR chatbot managed to gather 250 applications; a figure that will only grow.

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“For the initial stage, this is a good result. However for us it is even more valuable if the conversion from this channel changes. In 2017, before the transfer to digital, it was as follows: out of 15,388 responses, 284 people were employed, a conversion of 1.8%. We would like to bring the conversion to 10%. With the implementation of XOR we are well on our way.”

IKEA has already implemented XOR into all stores throughout Russia. XOR has also been evaluated in Sweden, IKEA’s headquarters, and provided their team with a unique introduction to chatbots and how it can improve their hiring process in many different countries. With XOR understanding over 100 languages, this was a clear indication of how well the chatbot was built and how easy it would be to implement in multiple countries.


Why XOR?

“Strategically, we don’t want people to be limited to applying through just a job kiosk. Sometimes you need time to think, or just want to respond later when relaxed with a cup of coffee - that’s why we knew implementing a chatbot of XOR’s caliber was necessary.”

It is worth noting that IKEA HR specialists can now post a job opening link to the chatbot and in their social networks, which will give another channel for the influx of candidates without additional costs. XOR centralizes the different threads of application sources into one easy-to-access system.

In the near future, this will help to fully combine search and selection in one system so that recruiters can easily source candidates for all available vacancies simultaneously.

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