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Discover how IKEA Streamlined Their Hiring Process with XOR

IKEA moved away from a paper application process, for their stores in Eastern Europe, with application kiosks only to discover that the new process was too involved and candidates were quitting the process before finishing.

After their large investment in the kiosks, IKEA realized they needed to find a solution to naturally walk candidates through the hiring process and understand which jobs candidates were qualified for, to eliminate additional questions candidates didn’t need.

IKEA uses XOR's solution to revamp their recruitment process and

  • Saw an increase in candidate applications immediately!
  • Witnessed a decline in candidate drop-offs.
  • Maximized their spend in the kiosks across all of Eastern Europe!
XOR’s chatbot walks candidates through the application process and initiate a conversation to eliminate the additional questions required for some positions, but every open IKEA position.

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Engage, Screen and Hire in Half the Time with XOR

We use state-of-the-art AI technology to streamline the hiring process giving hiring and recruitment professionals their time back.

Available 24/7, XOR engages candidates in an informal chat about the company as they are guided step-by-step through the qualification process.

As applicants progress through the selection process, XOR keeps them informed with automated status updates. It also automatically schedules interviews when the candidate meets the hiring criteria.

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