Discover How an RPO Firm Improved Their Candidate Experience with XOR

IBS, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm wanted to improve their candidate experience, without taking a hit to their bottom line.

IBS partnered with XOR and found that candidates preferred to engage with chatbots instead of speaking to recruiters directly over the phone. Discover what happened by downloading the story.

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IBS RPO is one of the biggest and most well-known professional outsourced HR service providers in Eastern Europe. The company, with a client roster of popular brands and organizations, spent the last few years sharpening their tech to ensure they can source, hire and manage their clients’ employees better than ever.

At the root, IBS RPO is focused on what’s best for the businesses who seek their offerings. They have divided their services into three distinct aspects: outsourcing recruitment, traditional HR outsourcing (hiring and retiring people and managing employee documents) and HR analytics (working with HR data, data storage construction and all projects in the realm of HR analytics and big data analysis).

The Problem

As a modern, outsourcing organization, IBS RPO’s goal is to reduce costs year after year. Additionally, the company’s leadership is aware of just how important the candidate experience during the recruiting process is to today’s talent. They wanted to improve the experience they were creating for their candidates without a huge expense to the bottom line.

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XOR's Solution

The company had used both audiobots and textbots previously and knew their candidates prefer the comfort these tools provided over phone conversations. Telephone calls can make a candidate nervous and even if they weren’t, there would be times or situations where they couldn’t comfortably answer the phone. 

XOR's Solution Continued

IBS RPO’s Results XOR provided the ability to do more than just chat with candidates. In addition to being a customizable AI chatbot, XOR engaged, screened and helped hire candidates through automated workflows. IBS RPO was able to use XOR to pre-screen applicants, answer Frequently Asked Questions at any time, walk candidates through the hiring process and schedule interviews. All the while, IBS RPO was given status updates in real-time and extended analytics for predictions and future strategy adjustments.

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IBS RPO's Results

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IBS RPO first noticed an improved candidate experience. This was crucial to the team because they knew that from an HR branding standpoint, candidate experience is half the success.



Why XOR?

I would recommend XOR for companies that need to hire in high volumes, are looking to reduce the cost of their hiring process and/or who want to increase their HR brand by improving candidate experience. XOR can walk candidates through hiring procedures, notify candidates of interview results, etc. Textbots like XOR are a really good tool for improving candidate experience from the beginning of the pipeline to the following two or three years. We also have a higher conversion with XOR. Because of this, we are going to use XOR as our main tool in the upcoming years.”