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Recruiting Inbox and Campaigns

A platform for recruiters to communicate with candidates directly over text messaging or any other messaging app

  • Import candidates from your ATS, send personalized campaigns to one or multiple candidates, and reply to responses
  • Partial automation allows recruiters to choose when they want to initiate automated sequences for screening, scheduling and nurturing
  • Conduct phone interviews using XOR to have the conversation transcribed and attached to the candidate profile in your ATS

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Apply and Capture

Enable people to apply for jobs over text messaging and QR codes to get more applicants

  • Advertise your custom keyword and shortcode on storefronts, billboards flyers, swag, radio ads and anywhere else (i.e. “We’re Hiring! Text ‘Acme’ to 66777 to Learn About Job Opportunities”)
  • Embed live chat on your career site to prevent drop-off and convert more visitors into applicants
  • Integrate your ATS so that as candidates apply to your job openings, their profiles get created and updated

Talent Pool Engagement

Build a large and engaged talent pool to fill new job openings faster

  • Share job openings with past qualified candidates through automated messages to see whether they are open to new opportunities
  • Nurture past candidates with company and industry news, employee spotlights, and job search tips
  • Keep candidate profiles up to date by automating questions about location, qualifications, and contact information

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Candidate Screening

Screen candidates through automated messages to identify qualified applicants faster

  • Create the screening questions that matter most to you and indicate whether they are requirements or preferences
  • If a candidate is qualified they move forward to the scheduling stage
  • If a candidate isn’t qualified they can get alternative job openings recommended to them and get notified when future jobs are posted

Advanced Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews by integrating your calendar and automating messages to candidates that enable them to select available times

  • Integrate Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google Calendar, or any other calendar platform so candidates can select interview times based on your availability
  • Choose from complex scenarios including one-on-one, panel, and sequential interviews
  • Once a candidate selects a time, you and the candidate will receive an email confirmation and reminders to ensure everyone shows up
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Employee Referrals

Share new job openings with employees and automate messages to their referrals to find more candidates

  • Share new job openings with employees and ask them to provide the contact info for anyone they think would like the job
  • Automate messages to the referrals provided by your employees, and move them into the screening stage
  • Confirm the hiring status and bonus with the employees who made the referrals


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