Frequently Asked Questions


What is XOR?

XOR is an intelligent chatbot recruitment assistant, that helps companies engage, pre-screen and talk to every candidate 24/7, from the convenience of a messaging platforms.

For Employers

Why choose XOR for your team?

XOR-team strives for the highest quality of service to our customers, making their experience with us safe, agile and beneficial. The benefits of XOR for companies:

  • pointCustomized conversations for every vacancy
  • pointAutomatic screening of every candidates
  • pointEasy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • pointInstant notifications
  • pointCommunication with candidates through your messaging apps or web


What types of service XOR offers?

We offer inbound recruitment automation, when you deal with large candidates pools that need to be sorted. It may go in 4 monthly plans. Please find detailed information at XOR Pricing page.

How does XOR access my candidates?

After you add and publish your vacancy, you’ll receive a message with the application links for every messenger. You can add those links to your job descriptions on any job site and at your company website too.
Besides you can share messenger application links with all the applicants that you get from all the sources via SMS or email.

What types of information can XOR provide to the candidates?

XOR can provide information about benefits, responsibilities, interview process. If XOR doesn’t know the answer to one of questions, he will pass it to the recruiter.


How does XOR interact with my ATS?

According to XOR roadmap we integrate XOR to every popular HR ATS, used by our customers. You can reach us at to find out about integration about your ATS.

Can I customise XOR pre-screening dialogues and scores?

Yes, XOR dialogues for every vacancy are customisable. We do provide several standard templates, that you can edit according to your vacancy requirements. Besides you can create your own templates and share them with your colleagues.

How can I interact with my candidates further?

After XOR makes first interaction with the candidate, asks pre-screen questions and sorts them, it saves all the information about the candidate to your ATS. And it also provides to you web-based chat interface, where you can watch all the candidate’s answers and proceed to chatting with him right away.

What types of notifications XOR provides to the candidates?

XOR notifies the candidates if their application was changed in ATS, or if the vacancy was closed. Besides XOR can pull suggestions on other vacancies to the candidates that didn’t pass the interview to the initial vacancy.

Will I get notifications from XOR to my messenger as an employer?

Yes, once you integrate your web profile with the messenger profile, XOR will send you statistics notifications, summarizing how many applicant did you get the previous day. And it will also alert you once you get a message from the candidate.

Does XORbot have access to all channels of our Slack team?

No. Your privacy and security are very important to us. Our fulfillment software and agents can only see direct messages to @xor or messages where you specifically mention @xor in a channel you've added @xor to.

For Candidates

What is XOR and how is it different from a recruiter?

XOR is you personal chatbot career advisor. Once you applied to a vacancy via XOR, you’ll get to know the benefits: 

  • point XOR is available 24/7, and it instantly responds to you on behalf of the employer
  • point It will guide you through the application process and ask pre-screen questions
  • point XOR will provide all the information about the job and next steps
  • point It will update you on the application status changes
  • point It will inform you, if a vacancy was closed
  • point XOR will deliver recruiter's messages to your messenger
  • point Available by SMS, on Messenger, Viber, Telegram and Slack
  • point If you haven’t passed to the initial vacancy, XOR will offer you job opportunities, that are most likely to suit you

XOR is constructed to contact you only with job opportunities that match your skills, experience and job expectations.

What do you do with my data?

We only use it internally for recruitment purposes. We never give it to clients, who don’t fit in your desirable career progress. We do this because we do not like recruiters who disrespect your inbox, and we also do not like companies who use people's data in the wrong way. Read our Privacy Policy 

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