Save 80% on blue collar cost per hire

Save 80% on blue collar cost per hire

AI to find candidates you are not reaching via Job boards

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Choose from the available date and time from your right. We'll discuss how you can hire blue-collar and operational workers with XOR AI-powered system.

XOR will attract, pre-screen and schedule the best candidates into recruiters' calendars.

Please consider that we currently provide services only for the US.

Why XOR is better? XOR is flexible!

Save 80% on blue collar cost per hire
Save 80% on blue collar cost per hire

Why do customers love us?

XOR Saves Time and Streamlines Recruiting. I've been using XOR for 2 years and have been amazed by the functionality and the continual addition of new features. Our recruiters have been able to handle 100% more candidates within their pipeline and actually phone interview 2.5 more candidates.

Leah Ramsey, VP, HR Maximizer

Lean Ramzey
HR Maximizer

Sara Resti  Hudson PRO

Sara Resti
Hudson RPO

XOR saves valuable time by adding an AI feature to prescreen candidates and not only score them for prioritization but also allows a recruiter's calendar to integrate and set designated times available to do a phone screen saved a ton of steps in coordination and allows recruiters to do what they do best... build great candidate pools!

Excellent people with great ideas for any company.
Pros: It is easy, effective and the feedback for our teams was very positive. It is modern, saves time and engages the team.
Cons: Nothing all the XOR team was always available whenever I needed them.

Lina Kalogerea

Lina Kalogerea
Pizza Hut

Chloe Ryan

Chloe Ryan
EG Workforce Solutions

Just one day after launching we were able to register 50 attendees for our first virtual hiring event. The next day we interviewed and hired two people. My whole company is absolutely loving the product.