Communicate with Employees Over Text Message During COVID-19

  • Share new policies, closures, and other key updates that impact employees ability to perform their job;

  • Survey employees to check on their health, morale, and engagement levels to prepare for any changes to their workforce capacity;

  • Onboard employees remotely to help them feel comfortable, earn their commitment, and help them start producing and contributing; and


Excellent service and quick support

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Communicate With Employees The Way They Want

  • Engage your employees using their preferred channels like text messaging, WhatsApp, and Facebook, all from a single platform
  • Report on conversations from a single dashboard to ensure candidates are consistently hearing from the same recruiter


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Automate Some, None, or Most of Your Recruiting Tasks

  • Manage conversations with employees directly through one-to-one messaging or one-to-many campaigns;
  • Automate your most repetitive tasks like screening, interview scheduling, status updates, and onboarding; or
  • Create a fully automated experience using a chatbot that lets HR prioritize speaking with employees in need


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Integrate Your HR Software and Calendar

  • We integrate with over 35 different ATS and HCM's to sync employee data, create new profiles, and log conversations right in your existing records
  • You can also integrate calendars like Outlook, Office 365, and Google Calendar for automated scheduling

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