How XOR Helped Delta Dallas Find Qualified Candidates Quicker

Delta Dallas, a boutique staffing firm, improved their connectivity to their candidates by teaming up with XOR.

Using XOR, Delta Dallas extended their recruitment hours from 8 hours a day to 24/7 and automated their vetting process at the same time. They found more qualified candidates than ever before and left their competition in the dust! Download the case study to discover the difference.

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About Delta Dallas

Delta Dallas is a boutique staffing firm which specializes in administration, HR, real estate, accounting and finance. As the company evolved, so have the number of services they offer. Delta Dallas was started initially as a sourcing firm and has since expanded to include services such as training programs, analysis evaluation and executive placements.

The firm strives to create great matches for both the company and the candidate. This helps fulfill their vision to create mutually beneficial partnerships that will last the long haul. With more than three decades of successful matching in the industry, Delta Dallas has worked to fill the needs of startups, Fortune 500s and every level of business inbetween.

The Problem

Connectivity with potential candidates was the main issue that Delta Dallas was looking to solve. The firm recognized that time means money and that by automating the initial steps to their process, they would be able to save crucial amounts of time. For this reason, Delta Dallas choose to extend their 8-hour work day to a 24-hour work day so that candidates could connect at their convenience.

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XOR's Solution

Delta Dallas choose to implement XOR to solve their connectivity issues. By adding this readily available chatbot to their strategy, the firm is available to communicate with their candidates during peak job searching hours, such as lunch breaks, nights and weekends. This has helped eliminate phone tag and follow-ups, allowing employees to focus on other tasks and vet candidates before continuing the process.

Delta Dallas Results

The ultimate goal for Delta Dallas is to have a smooth experience where the company is able to see more candidates. As a result of implementing XOR into the Delta Dallas staffing strategy, the firm has been able to ask candidates the important questions through this AI technology.

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By automating this vetting process, the firm is able to see if they would like to move forward with a candidate’s in-person interview before investing their own time and energy in them. This has allowed Delta Dallas to connect with more qualified candidates in a quicker amount of time.


Why XOR?

Although there are many great qualities of XOR, Delta Dallas ultimately choose to use XOR’s AI technology for the following reasons:

Efficiency: With XOR’s AI technology, Delta Dallas was able to create a streamlined recruiting process which allowed more qualified candidates to be put in front of the company at a fast pace.

Customer service: XOR listened closely to the needs of Delta Dallas to create a customized plan for how to solve their needs of connectivity. An algorithm was formulated specifically for Delta Dallas based on their requirements for candidates so that only the best of the best were kept in the recruitment process.

Cutting-edge technology: Delta Dallas was provided with the tools needed so that XOR worked hand-in-hand with their existing processes. Their schedule was provided instantaneously to candidates that met the set requirements so that interviews could be scheduled quickly and efficiently.