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xor reviews1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM We used to convert about 1.8% of our candidates into employees, but with XOR automating our screening and scheduling, we have been able to increase that closer to 10%. 2-2

Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya

Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment




ben eubanks1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM XOR is a chatbot in the recruiting space doing great work and steadily advancing their technology and client base. Their platform offers flexibility to automate only the parts of the recruiting process you want so you can emphasize the human points at the right moments. 2-2

Ben Eubanks
HR Analyst, Author, and Podcaster




xor reviews1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM Compared with our previous software, XOR is very easy to use. They added additional features during lock-down (because of COVID), which was a pleasant surprise. 2-2

Roland Nita
Operational Manager



xor reviews1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM XOR saves valuable time by adding an AI feature to pre-screen candidates and not only score them for prioritization but also allows a recruiter's calendar to integrate and set designated times available to do a phone screen saves a ton of steps in coordination and allows recruiters to do what they do best… build great candidate pools! 2-2

Sara Resti
Recruitment Coordinator
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xor case studies1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM I have to say right out of the gate, totally incredibly impressive. No question. Profitable from day one, over 125 customers, with a wide-ranging platform ability. 2-2


Chad Sowash

Co-Host and Producer


xor clients



xor customers1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM XOR is a user-friendly platform with a customer-focused team and an ability to assess candidates faster. 2-2

Olga Zonova
RPO/Sourcing Manager
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xor customers1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM What I have seen from organizations like XOR is that you are empowering a part of recruitment where there are many gaps. When you're working with early-stage candidates at any volume there's going to be very little human interaction and XOR is now filling that communication gap. 2-2

Kevin Grossman
President and Board Member
xor clients


xor reviews1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM Customer support, the set up, and implementation has been pretty easy to do. The team who supports our account always gets back to us in a timely manner, walks us through whatever we need to see, and works to help us be the most successful we can be in this climate. 2-2

Shelly Howes
Regional Recruiter
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xor referrals
1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM I'm finding that I'm spending more time talking to candidates and less time reviewing resumes. It is truly a game changer. Most application systems rely on matching a resume to the job description. Using XOR allows me to have them ask real questions and get real info. 2-2


Ben Lee





xor reviews1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM The Chatbots are very easy to use as is the ability to edit the Bots. I love the fact that the Bots have been customized to fit our website and look like they are genuinely coming from us. Everything is automated which saves a huge amount of time. 2-2

Jenni Raath

Marketing & Technical Manager




xor reviews1-Aug-07-2020-07-01-18-54-PM The platform is intuitive and allows our recruiters to communicate seamlessly with candidates. Our recruiters have been able to handle 100% more candidates within their pipeline and actually phone interview 2.5x more candidates. 2-2

Leah Rose Ramsey
Vice President
xor clients


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