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Applicants Apply!

Applicants Apply!

  • 60% of applicants drop off from the hiring process
  • 65% of applicants never get feedback after they apply
  • Scheduling an interview with applicants is time cosuming
This can take WEEKS
Applicants Apply!

Applicants Apply!

  • Applicant has a friendly chat with the bot
  • The bot qualifies the candidate
  • Automatic scheduling
This Takes MINUTES!

Can XOR work in your industry?


Workflow Automation

XOR combines the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation and chatbot capabilities to eliminate the most time-intensive parts of the recruitment process.


Engage with Candidates 24/7

XOR is always on, and ensures candidates get a timely, consistent answer whenever they apply! Available on your website 24/7, and able to communicate in over 100 languages, XOR moves candidates through the funnel even while you sleep.


Integrate to your ATS and Calendar System

XOR works the way YOU work, integrating with corporate calendaring systems like: Google Calendar, Outlook and more. XOR also integrates with all the major Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Relationship Management platforms, so you’ll never miss a step.

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Talent Attraction

Attract the best candidate to your pipeline using XOR talent attraction package, outsourcing to XOR the process of job posting and proactive candidate outreach. XOR will take care of the candidate attraction, engagement and the initial scheduling, making sure the candidates show up at the interview.

XOR is enterprise-ready and implementation is a snap! We make the automation experience better for everyone! How?

  • XOR offers 24/7 customer service
  • XOR supports 103 different languages
  • XOR is integrated with major ATS, HRMS and corporate calendar systems
  • XOR delivers instant, accurate responses
  • XOR is GDPR compliant
  • XOR is secure with Microsoft Azure hosting
  • XOR offers access to Predictive Analytics

XOR is the global leader in Human Resource / Talent Acquisition workflow automation and we can prove it. Sign up to receive a custom tour of XOR, including insights into how it can work for your company’s hiring process.


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You can do so much with XOR, but you can say goodbye to these boring tasks:

  • Take a call about an open role during dinnertime. XOR can answer that!
  • Scheduling multiple interviews and juggling multiple calendars. We’ve integrated with everything!
  • Checking candidate qualifications. XOR will ask whatever you want, right up front.
  • Guessing whether your newest hire is the right fit. Predictive analytics make fit far more likely.
  • Inputting information into multiple systems. Take the information from the candidate conversation right into your ATS for reference.
  • Wondering how you’ll interview for the new call center across the world. With over 100 languages, XOR can help.


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