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IBS Group

As a modern, outsourcing organization, IBS RPO’s goal is to reduce costs year after year. Additionally, the company’s leadership is aware of just how important the candidate experience during the recruiting process is to today’s talent. They wanted to improve the experience they were creating for their candidates without a huge expense to the bottom line.


The company had used both audiobots and textbots previously and knew their candidates prefer the comfort these tools provided over phone conversations. Telephone calls can make a candidate nervous and even if they weren’t, there would be times or situations where they couldn’t comfortably answer the phone. 

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IKEA in Eastern Europe experienced a decline of applications after they moved from a paper application to electronic job kiosks. The job kiosks hosted the application electronically and required users to create accounts before they were able to begin applying for an open position. Navigating the application was a lengthy, tedious process that increased their candidate drop off rates. Moving to electronic job kiosks was done to solve issues with the paper application process, but it only created a new problem. IKEA knew that there had to be a way to help users fill out the application in an easy, conversational format that increased application submissions.

The solution to IKEA’s issues was simple - chatbots. XOR installed chatbots directly into the job kiosks, only enhancing the original solution that IKEA had come up with. A special version of the application was created in chat format, so that the application process was easy and more interactive.

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STAFFING & recruiting

Delta Dallas

Connectivity with potential candidates was the main issue that Delta Dallas was looking to solve. The firm recognized that time means money and that by automating the initial steps to their process, they would be able to save crucial amounts of time. For this reason, Delta Dallas choose to extend their 8-hour work day to a 24-hour work day so that candidates could connect at their convenience. 

Delta Dallas choose to implement XOR to solve their connectivity issues. By adding this readily available chatbot to their strategy, the firm is available to communicate with their candidates during peak job searching hours, such as lunch breaks, nights and weekends. This has helped eliminate phone tag and follow-ups, allowing employees to focus on other tasks and vet candidates before continuing the process

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