Candidate Screening 🤖

Automate your screening with our chatbot to recruit faster and create a better hiring experience

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Fill Your Calendar With Pre-Screened, Qualified Talent 💬

  • No need to ask the same questions and administer the same assessments over and over again, let conversational AI automate these tasks on-demand
  • Configure your questions, weight the answers, and let our AI qualify, score and rank applicants so that only qualified candidates schedule interviews on your calendar



candidate screening


Make Screening Faster and Easier for Candidates ⏱️

  • Candidates can answer prescreening questions over text message, chat, email, or whichever communication channel they prefer
  • Prescreening automation means that they can answer questions and complete assessments twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

Screen From Your Career Sites, Job Boards, and Ad Platforms 💪

  • Automate applicant prescreening from job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed and ZipRecruiter, advertising platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and your own careers site
  • Only qualified applicants will be advanced to interview scheduling so you only spend time with qualified candidates





A Screening Experience Your Candidates Will Love 😻

  • Automate prescreening as soon as your candidates finish applying to create a seamless hiring experience
  • Let your candidate receive instant feedback on why they were not qualified for the role if they don't pass the prescreening stage

Change Your Screening Flow Without Needing An Engineer 📝

  • Need to add a new question, remove an answer, or change your weighting? You can make changes to your AI yourself or ask our Customer Success team for help
  • You can also view reporting on conversion rates and which questions are causing candidates to drop off




Let's achieve your hiring goals.

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