Interview Scheduling 📆

Automate your scheduling with our chatbot to recruit faster and create a better hiring experience

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Your Personal Interview Scheduling Assistant  🙌

  • Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth, and hello to simple, conversational scheduling
  • Now qualified candidates can schedule interviews right on your team's calendars over email, text message or chat

automated interview scheduling


Interview Scheduling Software


Integrated Directly With Your ATS and Calendar 🗓️ 

  • Connect your Microsoft Office, Outlook, or Google Calendar so our artificial intelligence can view openings in your schedule and recommend available times to candidates
  • Integrate your ATS and CRM to automate scheduling using candidate stage changes

Rescheduling, Reminders, & Interview Types  🕜

  • Reschedule links make it easy to find interview times when plans change
  • Text message and email reminder ensure candidates show up at the right place, at the right time
  • One-on-one, group, and panel interviews are easy with our advanced scheduling

advanced interview scheduling


interview scheduling


A Scheduling Experience Your Candidates Love 😻

  • Automate interview scheduling right after candidate screening for a seamless hiring experience
  • Enable your candidate to do their interview scheduling right from their phone anywhere in the world, 24/7

Let's achieve your hiring goals.

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