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Mobile and web technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. If you’re hailing a taxi, buying new furniture, or scheduling a doctor appointment, it happens on-demand with a swipe and a tap. Hiring, however, remains a painfully low-tech experience. Job candidates fill out clunky web forms, email résumé PDFs, and spend weeks or months playing phone tag with recruiters (if they hear back at all). The consumer experience races ahead, but talent acquisition has stubbornly refused to evolve.

As the top recruiter for a technical staffing agency, these problems were all too clear for Aida Fazylova. She saw firsthand the high dropout rates among job candidates who couldn’t connect with recruiters quickly or easily enough. She saw the immense frustration this created for both candidates and recruiters - who spend 60% of their workday on routine, tedious tasks like pre-screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and sending cold outreach messages. And finally, Aida saw the enormous financial burden of this broken process. Businesses were paying highly skilled recruiters to perform manual, repetitive labor - and often failing to hire the most qualified candidates.

Aida partnered with Nikolay Manolov, a leading AI developer and serial entrepreneur, to solve these thorny problems. Together, they built XOR - a modern recruiting platform that delights candidates, frees recruiters from repetitive tasks, and helps businesses make the right hire at a dramatically lower cost. XOR’s flexible, AI-powered software automates cold outreach and engagement, replaces phone screenings with a slick chatbot interface, schedules candidate interviews in complex scenarios, and solves countless other unique client needs.

With XOR, candidates get the attentive, 24/7 communication they expect, and give the experience a 99.3% satisfaction rating. Recruiters are freed to focus on what matters - making the right hire with a thoughtful human touch. Businesses using XOR slash their cost-per-hire by half and fill roles 33% faster. And by removing human bias from the screening process, XOR helps build the diverse, inclusive, and welcoming workplaces we all desire.

In just three years, XOR has become a truly global recruiting platform, with over 130 corporate partners in 15 different countries. The company’s state-of-the-art software is fluent in over 100 languages, and integrates with virtually every ATS and calendar software. To date, XOR has processed over five million candidates for small, independent employers and enterprise-scale businesses alike. XOR maintains rigorous security and personal data compliance standards, and takes just a few days for clients to roll out.

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San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

XOR Team


Aida Fazylova

CEO, Founder


Nikolay Manolov

CTO, Founder