Skyrocket Your Hires

Skyrocket Your Hires

The best recruiting platform for fast and efficient hiring.

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recruiting automation software

Achieve Hiring Goals With Ease

What if you could spend 100% of your time speaking with amazing talent and forget everything else?

With XOR's talent platform, we automate the most repetitive tasks so you can focus on hiring.

Here's how we do it.

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Recruiting Automation Recruitment automation Software
Recruiting Automation Recruitment automation Software

The Formula for Fast and Efficient Hiring

recruiting automation

Increase Engagement

Convert talent faster using text, chat, phone, email, and the apps your candidates love.

recruiting automation platform

Automate Workflows

We take care of repetitive tasks like screening,  scheduling, and onboarding so you can focus on making the best hire.

recruiting automation software

Recruit Virtually

Find and nurture talent from anywhere with virtual career fairs, video interviews, and hiring webinars.

Create Amazing Hiring Results

33% Faster Recruiting

More candidate responses in less time means faster hiring

50% More Efficiency

Robust automation means less time spent by recruiters on unqualified talent

90% Candidate Satisfaction

Candidates surveyed love the 24/7, mobile-first hiring experience

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

recruiting automation software

"Just one day after launching we were able to register 50 attendees for our first virtual hiring event. The next day we interviewed and hired two people. My whole company is absolutely loving the product."

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Chloe Ryan
Senior Operations Director
recruiter automation software recruiting automation software
recruiting automation software

"I'm finding that I'm spending more time talking to candidates and less time reviewing resumes. It is truly a game changer. Most application systems rely on matching a resume to the job description. Using XOR allows me to have them ask real questions and get real info."

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Ben Lee
recruiting automation hiring automation software
Recruiting Automation

"The platform is intuitive and allows our recruiters to communicate seamlessly with candidates. Our recruiters have been able to handle 100% more candidates within their pipeline and actually phone interview 2.5x more candidates."

recruiting automation


Leah Ramsey
recruiting communication software

Trusted By Top Hiring Teams

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hiring workflow software
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recruiting automation software
recruiting automation platform
recruiting automation software
recruiting automation platform
recruiting automation software
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Achieve Your Hiring Goals

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