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Attract, Engage and Recruit Talent More Efficiently  💬

Send text message and WhatsApp campaigns, embed live chat on your careers site, and host live and on-demand video interviews from an all-in-one platform


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Automate Some, None, or Most of Your Recruiting 🤖

Let our AI chatbots take care of repetitive tasks like candidate screening, interview scheduling, and employee onboarding so you can focus on qualified talent.

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Grow Your Talent Pipeline With Virtual Career Fairs 🎉

Host virtual hiring events, and engage with prospects over live chat and video without making them download an app.


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Create Amazing Results

33% Faster Hiring

More candidate responses in less time means faster hiring faster

50% More Efficiency

Robust automation means less time spent by recruiters on unqualified talent

99.3% Happiness

Candidates surveyed love the 24/7, mobile-first hiring experience

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Faster, More Efficient Hiring

We used to convert about 1.8% of our candidates into employees, but with XOR automating our screening and scheduling, we have been able to increase that to closer to 10%

Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment

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Candidates Created

Fortune 500 Clients

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Buyer's Guide

What to Know Before Buying a Recruiting Chatbot

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How Ikea Increased Hiring Efficiency


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