Recruitment Chatbots: A How-to Guide For Recruiters

The buzz around recruiting chatbots isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It’s a game-changer for recruiters and candidates alike that's taking the hiring experience on both sides to a new level. We broke it all down for you here.

1. What Is A Recruitment Chatbot?

A recruitment chatbot is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods in order to automate parts of the recruitment workflow. Common tasks that get assigned to a chatbot are collecting applicant information, creating candidate profiles, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews.

By using artificial intelligence technology, these bots are able to simulate human conversation for various functions. For human resources, talent acquisition, and recruitment purposes, chatbots often are able to integrate with existing infrastructure to assist with the hiring pipeline. Some of their features include the ability to screen candidates, answer frequently asked questions, onboard new hires, engage existing talent pools, and schedule interviews.

Read more about how to define a recruitment chatbots here.

2. How Do Recruiting Chatbots Use Artificial Intelligence?

Chatbots can use artificial intelligence systems like machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to learn as they interact with people via messaging, text and speech. It started with messaging apps that we’ve all encountered while using social media or when visiting websites with virtual helpers and support teams. It can seem complex when you add in the idea of artificial intelligence, but it’s a tool that can help with administrative tasks.

The demand for these in recruiting continues to grow as companies expand their talent strategies to be more competitive and to meet the need for talent globally. Recruiters need a solution to help enhance their processes, improve candidate experience and land quality candidates. Read more.

3. What Companies Use Recruitment Chatbots?

Small, medium and large companies are all using recruitment chatbots as a part of their recruitment flow. Primary industries include healthcare, transportation, staffing, manufacturing, professional services, energy, retail, food service, hospitality, financial, but many more are being added every day as today's talent shortage grows stronger. This biggest commonality is that all of these organizations are focused on hiring and see talent acquisition as critical to their business-wide goals.

Companies tend to use recruitment chatbots in different ways to solve problems in their recruiting flow. Not converting enough applicants from your career site? Try use a chatbot and widget that helps to answer questions, collect information, and direct visitors to job openings that might be a good fit. The same can go for companies that have a recruiting lifecycle that is taking too long or that have too many applicants that need to be screened manually.

Here's How to Tell If Your Company Is Ready for a Recruitment Chatbot

 4. What Are The Best Recruitment Chatbots?




XOR builds modern communication software that helps recruiting teams hire the best people more efficiently. Its chatbot can help recruiting teams engage talent at scale, screen candidates, and schedule interviews using conversational AI. Learn more about how XOR works here.

Other chatbots include:

AllyO by HireVue (acquired by HireVue in 2020) - An HR chatbot that helps with employee communication and engagement

Mya - A conversational AI assistant that helps with onboarding, retention, mobility and redeployment

Ari - TextRecruit was a texting platform before it was bought by iCIMS, and their chatbot is called Ari

Olivia by Paradox - A relative newcomer to the recruiting chatbot space.

 5. What Are Some Recruitment Chatbot Case Studies?

Recruiters are using chatbots throughout their recruiting workflows to increase speed, automate tasks, and create a better candidate experience. Here are some successful cases you can read more about:

  • IKEA is using a recruitment chatbot that lets apply to jobs conversationally while they are in-store, and has resulted in a 67% increase in candidate pipeline. Read their story here.
  • Vail Health and Night Light Pediatric Care are using recruitment chatbots to automate candidate screening and interview scheduling resulting in 30% faster recruiting and 67% faster recruiting respectively. Read their story here.
  • IBS Group

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