Employee Onboarding ✈️

Create automated onboarding experiences that delight new hires and help them contribute faster

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Onboard Your New Hires From Any Device, 24/7 💬

  • Send text message, live chat, and WhatsApp campaigns to guide new hires on their onboarding journey
  • Create a completely automated virtual training workflow using an AI chatbot that can answer questions and guide new employees through trainings

employee onboarding


Employee Onboarding Software


Record Videos For a More Personalized  Experience ▶️

  • Add welcome videos that introduce your company, give an overview of the job, and help candidates prepare for their first weeks
  • Record new video modules and delete old ones in minutes to ensure your onboarding experience is up to date

Run Through Your Final Onboarding Checklist 📝

  • Build a fully automated onboarding checklist using our AI chatbot to ensure that your new hires is comfortable and ready to contribute
  • Create notifications so that if a new hire missed an onboarding step your HR team received a notification

Employee Onboarding Software


Employee Onboarding Software


Manage All Your Employee Onboarding In One Place 🖥️

  • Report on onboarding completion rates, times, and other key HR metrics from a customizable dashboard
  • View your AI chatbot's conversations with new hires in real-time to ensure the trainings and checklists are flowing smoothly
  • Reply to candidates directly at any time if there are ever new questions that the chatbot can't answer.


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